FrontBrowserURL Token does not recognize Firefox?

Before I looked at the Wiki I assumed "FrontBrowserURL" Token would work for Firefox, but the WIKI only lists "Safari" and "Chrome". Why?

I am attempting to edit our macros to work with either Chrome or Firefox. What are some other options?

Hey Ray,

Firefox is not scriptable.

It does have an AppleScript dictionary, but it's only the standard AppleScript suite – there are NO Firefox-specific commands.

So Keyboard Maestro can't work with it.

Keyboard Maestro's browser functions are all AppleScript behind the scenes, except the %FrontBrowser% token.


@ccstone, Thanks for the info. That's disappointing. This script worked in Firefox.

It's the only type of "Browser" script I use.

Making Firefox an option was just a thought. Some feel Firefox may be faster than Chrome. Guess we'll stick with Chrome.

Hey Ray,

That can't be true, because Firefox doesn't allow access to JavaScript via AppleScript.

I've just looked at the dictionary and tested to be sure.

You must have had a supported browser open when you successfully ran this.


I really like Firefox, but when Mozilla removed AppleScript support they demolished any chance I would regularly use their product.

I was very disappointed.

I keep it around for testing and for a few extensions it has that no one else does.

I use it a few times a year.


I just learned that the still open issue Add AppleScript support and capabilities to Mozilla on Mac, e.g. AppleScript/OSA Script menu was opened in Bugzilla 22 years ago.