General Questions To Improve My KM Usage

After using KM for a few weeks now, I have made quite a few macros and have enjoyed the experience thus far – but I am looking for some clarity on some questions I have had to improve my usage.

  1. When using "Found Image" or "Find Image", sometimes saving to a file and using the file as suggested by another user works, sometimes it doesn't. I was told it could be the resolution, I am taking a screenshot of the image and saving it as a PNG, is there a better way to go about this to get better quality images?

1b. Is there a way to slow down the search process for the image? Right now I am using an "Until" loop, setting it to not abort on timeout, then setting a timeout of what I want (in this case every 10 minutes). I am trying to limit resource usage but still look for an image. It seems there is probably a cleaner way to do this.

  1. The "Favorites Folder", first of I love using this folder to create small groups of commonly used components of my macros but is there a way to make more of them and sort them? Right now I write a macro for an app, clutter up that little folder with components that are very useful for making a macro in this app but useless elsewhere, then when I think I am done, I remove all my favorites so that space is available and more usable the next time... only to find the next macro I make the next day is for the same app and I kick myself. I would love to have multiple, re-nameable, sortable folders with common components I use.

2b. Does someone have a collection of macros or components they commonly use when making macros?

  1. What is a good way to iterate through a list in an app to run a forEach on? Right now I try to use the "Found Image" or Wooshy to get me some metadata to use, but not all apps offer much to use. An example is FreeFileSync. I would like to iterate through that file list and run the syncing of files.

  1. I am an Avid OneNote user but the MacOS version doesn't support templates. In that case I have a macro to paste in the general layout then go through line by line to format it to my liking. This takes about 6 seconds or so on some templates, Is there a way to temporarily disable user input, or specific user input?

  2. I am open to any other best practices!

To all those who endured the TLDR; Thank you.

I do not know anything about FreeFileSync, but how would you do this "manually"? Perhaps the Down-Arrow key moves to the next item and perhaps the Return key runs the sync. Perhaps Shift-Up-Arrow key goes to the top of the list. Etc. If one can figure out how to do your task using just the keyboard then that is a way forward in KM. Are there menu commands in the app that let you do what you want?


It looks to me like you can save FreeFileSync tasks as batch jobs:


I haven't used this feature, so I'm speculating a bit...

Supposedly you can run these by double-clicking in the Finder, and if true that means you can run them from Keyboard Maestro.

That gives you a great deal of flexibility.