Generic usb keypad -number presses not recognized

I am very new so please be merciful.
I have a generic Targus number pad (USB) I want it to trigger shortcuts in Vectorworks by mapping different keypresses to the various buttons. Using “USB Device Key Trigger” This is working fabulously for the keys that do: tab, forward slash, asterisk, and delete. However the next row of buttons starts with the key for “9”. When I try to enter that key press I get an error sound and the box shows “USB Compliant Keypad Clear” and then some symbols.
It lets me then enter they Simulated Keystroke, which is “N”, however it does not change the keypad behavior when I try it in Vectorworks, or anywhere else for that matter.
This problem occurs for all the rest of the keys I have tried it on which is most of them
I’m confident the keypad is good because all the keys recognize correctly when I type them into text edit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you get an error sound, there may be an associated message - check in the Editor.log file and/or the Console and see if anything is reported.