Get cursor ready

How is it possible to get the cursor in the ready (active) position when opening a new tab in a browser? e.g. I have a shortcut that opens a new tab in Chrome showing, but the cursor isn't active there for me to start typing, without me first clicking in the search bar.

You can press the slash key "/" natively in youtube without the need for Keyboard Maestro.

I had a similar problem with opening using Keyboard Maestro and wanting to have the cursor in the the search field.

I had a simple Keyboard Maestro Macro to open

This worked but often the cursor would be in the address bar rather than Google's search field.

Then I realised that the search field itself is a web address:

So, I changed the address in the Keyboard Maestro Action and it now opens Google with the cursor in the search field.

I wondered if there might be a similar URL address to open with the curser in the YouTube search field. But I haven't found the equivalent address. Maybe some of the other forum users have found if there is an equivalent address for a YouTube search?

In the meantime, for YouTube you can use @Bobby_Joe suggestion of the "/"

In a Keyboard Maestro Macro that could work like this (with the pause there as YouTube sometimes takes time to fully load):