Get File Attribute Can Not Get the Complete "Where From" URL Data

I want to use the Get file attribute action, but it can only get part of the url of the file which is different to the official attribute list in the get info.


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The actual meta-data name is kMDItemWhereFroms as more than one URL can be included. I assume the chain of redirects (if any) is tracked but don't have an official description that defines the subtleties.

You say:

can not get the complete link

Since there are actually two links there I'm assuming you want both of them.

Keyboard Maestro is only returning the last link in the chain, so we'll have to resort to other means. (See appended macro.)


Get kMDItemWhereFroms from a File Selected in the Finder 1.00.kmmacros (9.1 KB)

Thank you so much!!

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