Get Macro Name from UUID?

Before I write this (well, actually concurrent with writing this), I wanted to make sure this doesn’t already exist.

I want to verify that a UUID copied to the clipboard is the UUID of a Macro, and I figured while doing that, I might as well return the Macro’s Name and perhaps even its Group.

So, does something like this already exist?

I guess there are general snippets like this:

LOL. You would have to find a topic I was in, wouldn’t you? :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s that, but not a specific macro, right? Or worse yet, something built in?

I say “worse yet” because I spent yesterday writing something I discovered was built in to the KM editor. The time wasn’t wasted because I learned a lot… and… one of the things I learned was to check before I write. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be worth posting when I write it, or am I the only one who can think of a need for it?

Do post !

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Do you know about the MacroNameForUUID token?

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Apparently not. :slight_smile:

I thought I remembered there was something to do this, but I never thought of a token. Awesome!