Get URL Can Not Be a Variable?


I've set the variable PhoneURL to

When the Get URL step is set to:

It works.

But it does not accept %Variable%PhoneURL% set to the same text. It turns yellow which I know means no good...

I can hard code but the issue is I have 4 extensions and 5 different commands to work with, that makes for a long macro...

Is there a way around this where the Get URL accepts a variable?


For the benefit of all of us KM users who are having this problem, can you share the solution?


I set a variable PhoneIP to text to: (which is the phone IP, not the computer IP - but the phone IP is based on the computer IP)


I set a variable PhoneURL to text:



Get URL to %Variable%PhoneURL%

And it picks up the headset... This is a grandstream system...

If anyone needs help I have most the code for the commands or go here:

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On the "turning yellow" point - which I hit repeatedly yesterday - I would love it if Keyboard Maestro would give more debugging information than just the colour change.

I don't have an example now - as I solved my problem a different way with a different URL - but some indication as to why there might be something wrong with the URL would be good.