Getting an Error Using AppleScript to Run a Macro Based on Its UUID

I have a "text transformation" macro group from which I would like to select one and then apply it to all items in my finder selection. Below is my macro which does not work and a subset of my "text transformation" macro group. I am attempting to first select the desired text transformation macro using a palette that executes the macro and sets its UUID. My idea was to then use this UUID to apply the macro to each finder selection. My problem is that, when trying to run the UUID using AppleScript, I get an error.

Would greatly appreciate somebody helping me troubleshoot this UUID issue or figuring out an alternative way to achieve the same result. Thanks!!

rename finder selection items using text transform menu.kmmacros (11 KB)

➜ text transformations (forum version) Macros.kmmacros (24.4 KB)