Getting plain URL from app's "copy as url" menu command

With the Agenda app, I can copy a note's URL via a menu command. When I paste the clipboard into a plain text app or in Word, I get the following:


However, when I view the clipboard via KM, I get some styled text--the name of the note as a hyperlink.

I have tried to use a macro found here for pulling out the URL from an HTML link, but I think maybe the link provided by agenda is not HTML but something else? I don't know how to determine what is being put on the clipboard beyond the agenda:// url.

Any tips on how I can extract the agenda:// url here?

Change Dates.kmmacros (14.7 KB)

What happens when you try applying the "Remove Styles" filter to the clipboard after copying a note's URL?

the "remove styles" filter removes the hyperlink. What remains is the title of the note, but this time not underlined in blue.

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