Go to next page on a message forum: click the ">" at the bottom

Is there any way to click the red ">" at the bottom of this forum page, other than trying to find it via an image?

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 11.28.22

If I remember correctly, there were Safari plugins for this ...

If we control-click it and choose Inspect Element from the contextual menu,
we should get a source view in which you can Copy As > XPath or Copy As > Selector Path

Here I seem to be getting, for example:


as a possible XPath query to find that link

and as a selector path:

#view_topic_content > table > tbody > tr:nth-child(21) > td > span > a:nth-child(1)

I think you should be able to use an XPath as the parameter to this action:

actions:Click Browser Link [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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You could just get the URL of the current page, make a new URL by adding 1 to the number before ".html", and load that new URL:

Next Page.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

That particular forum won't error after the last page, just load a postless "empty" version. If you did want to error check for that you could base it on the page content, eg "does it contain the text Thread poster:".

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I tried that, but the macro toggled between the 2 and 1 page. Well, anyway: I've heard about Xpath now :).

I'm a bit ashamed about this, I should have tried the Found image action first. It actually works quite well:

Go to next page in Proz forum.kmmacros (9.9 KB)
Go to previous page in Proz forum.kmmacros (9.8 KB)

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