Google Chrome Controls broken?

A macro for Google Chrome that worked perfectly until this morning has stopped working. Debugging it shows that the action to select Chrome tabs by number no longer works for me. I am using Version 38.0.2125.122 - I think Chrome updated itself this morning.

I have also checked other Chrome macros and now none of them are working for me. It’s a shame, as I use them frequently.

I have located the problem. Yesterday I installed Chrome on a Windows installation I use from time to time running under Parallels. Evidently with the sharing between OS X and Windows that I had set up, the macros were trying to control the Windows version of Chrome, even though Parallels was not running at the time. I uninstalled the Windows version of Chrome and now all is back to normal.

I’m have the same or similar problem. When I try to use the following Action, KM activates the Google Chrome running under Win7 under Parallels 10:

New Google Chrome Tab with URL ‘’

Can we expect a fix anytime soon?

If you share your applications between windows and OS X in Parallels Desktop, then AppleScript often gets messed op.

The command “tell Goggle Chrome” now refers to the Windows version. Try disable application sharing in Parallels.

This is not a problem with KM

\ Jimmy Hartington

Maybe so, but I don’t understand why KM would choose to activate Google Chrome under Parallels instead of the Google running in the native Mac OS.

Having said that, as an immediate fix/workaround, see:’s%20Guide/33332.htm

Keyboard Maestro does not choose Google Chrome under Parallels, it simply uses AppleScript:

tell app "Google Chrome"

to communicate with Google Chrome. The system chooses which Google Chrome that refers to, and if you have more than one (as Parallels with application sharing causes), then which one the system chooses is pseudo random (generally it’s the latest or last one installed).