Grappling With a Basic Concept

Hey Maestros!
Bear with me, this is all new. I have been playing around with some test actions, following examples on the forum to create random macros to get a handle on how different elements behave. Thats where I hit this. I created a macro that simply types TEST for as long as I hold down the INS key, with a 1 second delay between repetitions. It works beautifully, but stops after roughly 16 seconds. I gear-buttoned into the Action Timeouts for both the Semaphore Test and the Pause function, but changing values from low hundredths to hours doesn't seem to have an impact.

As a small second matter, the delay between the 10th and 11th iteration is almost non-existent, those two appear as almost a double-beat, before resuming the 1-per-sec pace. Just curious. Thanks for any guidance. Incredible software, I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities.

Hey Mike,

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I think what you're running up against is the macOS keyboard buffer and key-repeat.

Scope this out.


TEST TYPING.kmmacros (3.0 KB)

first off... THANKS! :slight_smile: Nice to be here!

So... rather than a "do this while holding" we say "do this a zillion times unless I STOP holding." I see how that works, but I'll have to try it and see how it plays to figure out why the "inverse logic approach" behaves differently. But hey, fodder for learning! Thanks Chris!

Well, progress. I used your template and while it did not time out as before, it went into "run-away" mode ignoring the 1-sec delay. So I took your template and brought back the Semaphore lock and, lo and behold, I can generate a repeatable cycle that seems to un or as long as I hold the key, pulsing at a predictable cycle. I just need to get a better grasp on what exactly the semaphore lock is doing. Off to RTFM a bit more, look at other forum posts. Thanks again!

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.25.40 PM

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