Group Hotkey works, but doesn't show up?

I cannot figure out how my macro group is being triggered now. I had set things up to trigger with Hyperkey-M. However, I don't remember how or if it's just not showing up in the interface anymore. It still works; but all of the macros within the group show 'none' as the activation key and the group itself shows nothing special

I haven't found another place where I could have set that and didn't see it in documentation or the forum.

I am on the latest version.

Can someone point me in the right direction? What did I do to myself?


Try this:

Create a Smart Folder with search tag h: and see if that will reveal something useful.

Nothing shows up with my hotkey. But it does still work, somehow. I've even changed some of the macros to a different hotkey. They show up there AND with the original one.

Take a look at the Engine.log file:
/Users/$USER/Library/Logs/Keyboard Maestro/Engine.log

Or use this macro:
Tail Engine.log.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

Macro image

After you trigger the macro with Hyperkey-M, the log will confirm exactly how the macro was triggered, which may help narrow it down.

The first possibility that comes to mind is Hyperkey-M triggering another application, which then calls Keyboard Maestro, in which case you'll see in Engine.log something like Execute macro ____ from trigger Do Script.

And, there it is. I'd created a macro to show a palette with that macro group. I'd missed that with the first tip to create a smart group. Sorry, but thanks. Now I have more debugging tools to work with.