Group Loses One Particular Application Target Every Mac Reboot

I use an audio app (Reaper), which has it's own group in Keyboard Maestro. This group alone has this issue for me.

Every single time I reboot my Mac, this group loses it's focus. I have to select the group and re-select the Reaper application.

When I do go to select the Reaper application, there are two "Reaper" apps in the pulldown menu choice. The one that KM is currently on (which looks more like a ghost than an existing app), and the actual open Reaper app.

I select the open Reaper app and then I only see one Reaper app in the menu choice.

This happens 100% of the time I reboot, and only to this application.

Any ideas why this would be?

My guess is that the app is Translocated, and so it has a different effective path each time it launches.

You can detect this by copying the XML of a macro within the group and looking at the Reaper path and seeing if it looks weirdly long.

If you use the Finder to move the application to the Desktop and then back to the Applications folder, that would likely resolve it.

Otherwise you can adjust the macro group setting to match by bundle ID instead of path.

But it could be something else too.

Aha thank you I think this must be it. I keep Reaper in a "portable install folder" in Dropbox on an external drive, which has worked for years. But all this cloud storage debacle Apple has put us in might have caused this.

I'll try moving the folder to the boot drive since I don't REALLY need it to be a portable folder right now.