Hard drive issues, any recommendations?

A month ago I got the blinking question mark of death. I happened to have been running a sizable macro at the time, and closed my macbook pro screen mid macro, walked home, opened it, and there it was:


Well, I didn’t assume it was related to my macro. I pulled the computer apart (2011 macbook pro with a secondary market samsung SSD already installed when I bought it on craigslist 3 years ago, so yeah, applecare is lapsed…) and ripped the thing out and plugged it in with a USB via some 30 dollar case I had to physically actually traverse to best buy to acquire. Weird, going places to buy stuff!

Anyway, my current setup failed two days ago. Got the DO NOT ENTER sign this time

Okay, now that I’m an old pro, I figured I could troubleshoot it, but I couldn’t. The hard drive was still showing up but I couldn’t like, i don’t know, find a partition. Kept getting a 254 error. Took it to the GENIUS bar and had a really sub par experience, I was surprised how incompetent the nice guy that tried to help me was. Lesson learned.

Finally figured out how to just erase everything and that’s great because I love a fresh start.

Everything is working fine now.

Couple questions:

  1. Am I going to have trouble because I’m going through my usb input instead of tied via hard drive cable directly to the rest of my mac? Any risk in moving a heavy load of reckless macro commands back and forth via that usb (aside from issues around physical disconnection)?

  2. Any way for me to get my macros back, now that I totally wiped and repartitioned my computer? I don’t mind if not, since I love starting fresh anyway, haha. But would be nice to know.

hmm question 3
3: as I’ve started to understand computers so much more I’m really curious about whether to consider upgrading to a faster one. For anything outside of graphics and images and video, are the high power MacBooks significantly more beneficial than the lower? 8 ram with 2.3 gh dual core vs 16 ram with 2.2 quad core, does this stuff make an enormous difference?



John, while there may be some KM users here with great Mac HW experience, in general I'd suggest this is not the best forum to pose your question.

I'd suggest:

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