Has something on the forum changed? I'm receiving immediate emails

For most of the time I’ve been active on this forum, here’s how things worked (Chrome, but I don’t think that’s relevant):

  1. I’d get a Notification from Chrome that someone replied to a topic I was interested in.

  2. If I read the topic within a few minutes, I would not get an email.

  3. However if I didn’t read the topic within a few minutes, I’d get an email. (I don’t know what the actual timeout was, but it was perfect for me.)

Now, I’m getting emails so quickly, they often arrive before Chrome gives me its notification. I certainly don’t get a chance to see the topic and read it before I get an email.

So that’s my question: Has something changed? And if so, change it back!!! :scream: (LOL).


I haven't noticed this, but I generally ignore my email when I'm active on the forum.

In your forum profile prefs, it does say this:

Thanks. Don’t know why it seemed to be acting differently, but I just unchecked that so I should be good now.

Assuming Chrome notifies me, which it hasn’t always been doing lately, but that’s another issue.


I just use the dropdown list of recent replies by clicking on my avatar.
The unread replies are in bold.

Thanks. I knew that - I just like notifications also.

Like just now. No notifications from Chrome. But in a little while, it will start working again.

They are working for me. Just saw the notify of your post.

…and of course, this one worked.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong? Can’t I normally see those notifications even when Chrome is on another Spaces Desktop (hidden)? I thought so, but maybe I’m wrong.

Don’t know. I rarely use Spaces.

Multiple monitors, multiple desktops on multiple monitors, that’s the way for me!

Maybe that’s why I’m so confused all the time!

Actually, I do that to help keep my distractions down. If I have a lot of visible open windows (on my main monitor), it bothers me. It’s my ADD kicking in, despite the meds.

I just hide the apps I’m not actively using.
But I think it is great that Apple provides “Spaces” for people who need/want them.

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Spaces are everything for me :smiley: + 16GB RAM helps

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The forum was recently updated to Discourse 1.6. It is possible the notification behaviour changed. They are generally not overly fond of email, so I’d be surprised if they changed it to be more aggressive at sending email. Check your preferences though, and possibly ask on https://meta.discourse.org?

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Any new features or changes we should be aware of?

The timeline thing on the right is the most obvious change.

The release notes are at:

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I thought that was new, but I’m so blind most of the time, I was afraid to say anything!

Vertical Timeline
Perhaps the most obvious change in 1.6 is the new vertical timeline in the right gutter.

The Discourse owners/developers make a big deal about this in their blog.
I don’t get it. I don’t see that it is worth all that effort. I didn’t/don’t see anything that needed changing in the prior behavior.

Just my 2c.

@peternlewis, @JMichaelTX

Discovered this feature for Chrome:

Go to here: chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications

Enable “Enable native notifications. Mac”.

Experimental, but it works.

It is not clear what this actually does, even after I read the description:

Enable support for using the native notification toasts and notification center on platforms where these are available

I enabled it, but if Chrome blows up on me, I’m coming to get you, Dan. LOL

LOL. I thought it was clear. It enables notification messages via the native Mac notification method. i.e. Notifications.

So, instead of showing the notification generated by Chrome, it will show the notification using the Mac Notification Center?

I just restarted Chrome, so please give a reply so I can test.