Has the behaviour of the Next Track macro for Music.app changed?

Hi All,
For a long time, the 'next track' macro built into KM has worked fine for me in Music.app; it has always led to the next track. I don't know if this is connected to Monterey 12.5, but the next track macro now behaves in a couple of different ways. If I have two individual songs from different albums and hit the next track keystroke while listening to the first song, next track works as expected and goes to the next song. If they are on the same album, next track MIGHT go to the next track, but it might do something different. If I'm listening (e.g.) to the first movement of a 4-movement symphony, next track jumps over the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movements, and heads to the next album (not piece) in the playlist. And, this isn't completely consistent; sometimes it heads to the next new multi-movement piece on the same album. Apple's keystroke for next track (⌘⇒) doesn't do this; it goes to the next track. In the past, KM's keystroke has always worked exactly like Apple's. I'm at a loss.
KM's "previous track" DOES work exactly like Apple's.
Has anyone else experienced this, and possibly discovered a fix for it? Thanks for any ideas anyone might offer. I'm using KM 10.1.1.