Have to Type Keyboard Shortcut Twice for Select or Show a Menu Item

Any idea why this macro only works if I type the keyboard shortcut twice is rapid succession?
When I type it once, or multiple times with a pause between, nothing happens.
Is there anything I can change to make it work with a single keystroke?

I'm just trying to get it to share the selected image via airdrop.
(I do not want an airdrop window, which is what I'd get if I set the keyboard shortcut via Apple's keyboard system preference)

It seems Finder is not forming the whole menu choice instantly. Other Apps have similar problems (the Photos App has a problem forming the user Albums menu items in one step).

But the below works for me on Monterey (things have changed with this menu item on Ventura).
EXAMPLE Airdrop from Finder.kmmacros (15.3 KB)

Click to Show Image of Macro