"Headless" KM Engine?

So I noticed that WinAutomation offers a “pro” version which “allows you to compile your Jobs into standalone executable applications that you can distribute to multiple computers and run them without the need of having WinAutomation installed.”

Peter, might you develop such a thing? One reason I need it is so I can distribute macros I’ve produced to my employees without letting them touch the “code” – #1 so they can’t break it, and #2 so I can retain a fair amount of IP that I’ve built on top of KM.

Its always been an idea, but no, there are no current plans for this sort of thing.

You can rip the Keyboard Maestro Engine.app out of the Keyboard Maestro.app and launch just it on your target Macs, but it would only be a partial solution, and its not really a usage that is covered by the per-user license for Keyboard Maestro (ie, you’d still need a license per user).

It would stop them breaking it unless they downloaded Keyboard Maestro themselves, and similarly they would not see the macros unless they downloaded Keyboard Maestro or copied the macro folder.

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