Help creating first macro to un-check a Mac System Preference checkbox

Splashtop which is a remote control for your Mac like Logmein, when you log into your main computer, ST checks the System Pref > Security & Privacy > General > [ √ ] Require password for sleep and screen saver.

When I get back to my main Mac, I have to launch Sys Prefs and uncheck the checkbox. It’s getting old so I was hoping I could use KM to create a macro which would at least speed up the process and reduce the repetition.

I know how to launch the System Pref > Security & Privacy pane, but I can’t figure out how to uncheck the checked box after ST has checked it. If I’ve logged in while away from my main computer like if on the road, I know when I get home, I will need to uncheck the checkbox. If I could get KM to help me with a macro since I don’t have to unlock Apple’s lock, that would be a big help.

Can someone please advise how this is done? I’m using Lion (still) and KM 5.3.2. Thanks.

Hey There,

I can’t promise this will work on Lion, but give it a try.

Run from an Execute AppleScript action.

tell application "System Events"
  tell security preferences
    set require password to wake to false
  end tell
end tell