HELP: How to hold multiple keystrokes while clicking another keystroke

Im trying to use a key combination of Shift T and while holding it, click the Tab button multiple times. It doesn’t seem to work for me whenever I choose Shift T and only have it Press and Hold, then add the Tab keystroke after it and have that function repeate multiple times. Any advice? Im tryin to use this keystroke to select a certain field inside FCPX and it doesn’t seem to be holding Shift T while clicking Tab at the same time. Any help?! Thanks.

Can you upload your current macro and/or a screenshot so we can see how you currently have it set up? That way we can better identify any possible reasons why it might not be working as intended. Alternatively, is this field you’re trying to select always in the same location? If so, you may be able to select it with a mouse click at its coordinates.