Help ! I inserted Cmd-P in Chrome somewhere in a macro!

I was playing around trying to create and testing macros to print in Chrome. I bungled and must have inserted Cmd-P as a trigger somewhere in a macro.
How, I am stuck because every time I press Cmd-P in Chrome after selecting text, KBM takes over. The print window disappears, nothing is printed.
I am unable to find where the Cmd-P was inserted. I can’t see it in the KBM editor, and I disabled all my Print Chrome type macros (as far as I know).
thanks very much

In the Keyboard Maestro editor, select the All Macros group, and then choose View ➤ Sort Macros by ➤ Date Used.

The macro you just triggered will sort to the top.

You can also click on the Recently Used popup menu button:

To select the most recently used macro(s).

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thank you. Great feature.
When I ask a question in the forum, is there a way to invite you have a look at the question?
On occasion only, like the one I just posted, and in which I am looking for an alternative to recording.

I read every question. (I may have missed some yesterday as the site exceeded a Discourse default setting of 100 messages and stopped sending me notifications, but I’ve disabled that limit, and so I do read pretty much every question.

But I don’t necessarily answer every question, and I often leave them for others to answer, and sometimes I come back to an unanswered question later.

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