Help Recording Actions

Whenever I try to record actions, it records mouse movements like I wanted, but when I am editing it only demonstrates the movements in the frontmost application (i.e. Keyboard Maestro editor). what can I do to prevent this?

What do you mean by that?

So if you record a series of actions (i.e. mouse movements and clicks) on a certain application like (Screenflow in my case) then click "Try or Run" in the Keyboard Maestro editor. The movements and clicks will always be inaccurate because the KM editor is now the frontmost or active application when you click "Try or run" to test the actions.

Let me know, if my explanation is still not clear enough, I'll try to record a video demonstrating what I mean.

Sure, yes, the Try or Run will only run the actions as they are. If you need to activate the specific application first, add an Activate a Specific Application action to the front of the macro - if the macro is going to operate in that application normally, this generally wont do anything anyway, but you can delete it once you are done debugging the macro.

Thank you, very much!