Help selecting Safari Button

Hello Forum, I, I have created a macro with which I can copy a macro as well as the corresponding screenshot to the clipboard.

As you can see from the macro, I have chosen the action "Click at Found Image" for "Create topic (1)" and "Cancel (2)".
Can I select these buttons or fields more elegantly @peternlewis? If so, with what actions.

Thank you very much for your help.

Insert .kmmacros (30,7 KB)

Hey @appleianer,

You may want to look at this for some ideas.

Keyboard Maestro 8 – Automating Share Macros/Actions to the Forum with Safari


Thank you so much for your macro @ccstone :+1:

First the hint that I use a german macOS (Mojave 10.14.1).

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me in the original version. I took the first action out, because it took a long time until the sharing started.


Unfortunately these Java Script actions did not work for me:


Would I need to activate something in the Safari Developer menu?


The strange thing is that these Java Script Buttons actions work fine:


I have adapted your macro to my created something and it runs flawlessly :smiley:

Hey @appleianer,

Not shocking.

I should have mentioned that I'm using macOS 10.12.6 and Safari 12.

The macro won't work for me without that, because the share menu isn't pre-populated – but perhaps Apple has changed something in Mojave...

Obviously something's different in the Mojave version of Safari.

It looks to me like you've got everything activated that needs to be.

Not too strange. They're simple elements that have stayed the same between your macOS/Safari and mine.




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