Help with 'If name starts with…

I want to create a macro that checks the filenames of the selected Finder items/files.

If the the filenames start with z_ (e.g. z_test_01.png, z_test_02.png etc.) then remove the ‘z_’ prefix from the files, then perform ‘some other actions’.

If the filenames don’t have the ‘z_’ prefix then skip the renaming part and just run ‘some other actions’.

So it would be something like this:


Selected Finder items’ filenames start with z_

Rename the files to replace “z_” with “”

'Run some other actions’


‘Run some other actions’
(skip the file renaming part)

Is something like this possible?


Process Files.kmmacros (4.5 KB)
25 PM

The If Then Else action highlighted in yellow only runs if the selected file name starts with "z_", while the actions used in place of the green placeholder will always run no matter what. Feel free to ask further questions if anything about how this works is unclear.


Thanks a lot, that works great!

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