Hey. So for some reason I finally can stop using TextExpander

I used to use KM for my other macros but stay subscribed to TextExpander because it seemed to insert text better that KM all these years, small difference but when you expand out as much as I do you want the least friction.


sr\ = Sales Results

I have tried using KM for this in the past but, and I can't remember now what was the "little off things" it did that TE did not.


I started moving over my text expanders to KM yesterday and its GREAT!

Did something change for this in KM 10.1.1? I do not remember text expansion being this good in earlier versions or I would have switch sooner.

Just wanted to say thank you to the developer.


I'm not aware of any changes with recent versions that has improved text expansion. I actually transitioned away from Keyboard Maestro this year for simple text expansion and over to Typinator because I wanted to use Keyboard Maestro for dedicated tasks that were far more complex than what other apps are capable of.

Not that I had any issues with the way Keyboard Maestro handles text expansion, I just preferred keeping my macro library smaller if possible and using an app whose only function was text expansion haha.

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How I solved that isssue is that all my text macros are saved into folders that start with "TextExpander - "


"TextExpander - Xcode"
"TextExpander - Special Characters"

Now if only groups / folders could reside within other folders / groups.

Maybe the next version?

I didn't have any issues with organizing them... I just had too many that my Keyboard Maestro plist file was getting quite large. I have multiple Typinator sets that have several thousands of expansions, and I just didn't want that many macros in Keyboard Maestro. :sweat_smile:

If I recall correctly Peter has stated in the not too distant past that he has no plans for implementing nested macro groups because of the complexity involved. I don't know if that has changed or not more recently.

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