"Hide app" macro not working on Login


How could I possibly be doing this wrong?

At login:
Pause Until All Conditions Met
Application ‘Totalmix’ is running
Menu with name containing ‘File’ is enabled
Hide Totalmix

I’ve tried it before without the “menu item” condition and it didn’t work, that’s why I added it. However, even now the app is still not hidden by KM.


During login, the system is typically doing a lot of things, and the apps are very bogged down. The system loses a lot of events (if you have ever tried controlling your Mac manually when it is in the process of starting up, you know it does not work well - it doesn’t work well trying to do it through automation either).

The fact that Totalmix is running (or even active) does not mean that it is necessarily capable of dealing with events yet. And testing for a menu with a name containing “File” wont tell you much of anything.

I would try something like this:

At Login:
Pause Until Application Totalmix is Running
Repeat 20 Times (adjust as desired)
    Hide Totalmix
    Pause 0.5 Seconds

Presuming you don’t actually use Totalmix early after login, you can make the repeat count quite large without real consequence. If you might activate Totalmix quickly after login, that’s more difficult since this macro would promptly hide it again, though you could Cancel All Macros in this case.

I’ll thank you here for all the answers you provided to all my other questions as well. Good to know there is such great support for this application. Cheers.