Hide application windows at login?


Likely a very dumb question, but would appreciate some guidance.

At login several windows/applications automatically startup. I’d like to have these running in the background and available, but not visible, so the first thing I do every time I login is to minimize them. Is there a method using Keyboard Maestro to have these minimized to the dock via a script as part of the routine login process?

Thank you!

You could simply use the Hide All Applications action to hide everything initially.

You can trigger a macro on Login, but the tricky part is determining when the system has finished booting. I don’t know of any way to determine when the system has finished the boot process and all applications have finished launching. About the best test would probably be monitoring the system load and waiting for it to reduce to normal. Short of that, you’re stuck doing a timed pause.

Alternatively, just hook up a hot key to Hide Other Applications and press it when you want to focus on one application, and then press this manually after login.

Note that Keyboard Maestro can optionally also hide other applications when switching with the application switcher (either always, or by pressing “d”), or it can be configured to hide all other application always if you want a single application mode.

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This is already built-in to the OS: CMD-OPT-H


Thank you both for your advice!

Command-Tab, “F”, then “D” is a quick and easy way to do this that I found from instructions for this awesome software.

Much appreciated.

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