Hide Applications Palette in Specified Applications?

Is there a way to hide the Applications Palette in certain applications? For example, I often run writing programs in distraction-free mode, which hides all nonessential interface items. It would be nice if the Applications Palette were also to hide itself in such a situation.

My guess is that you could create a macro that is triggered when an application becomes active, which hides the palette. Something like that, anyway.

No, Dan, there's no macro interface that controls the Applications Palette that I've found.

Huh. Learn something every day.

What about these https://wiki.keyboardmaestro.com/action/Application_Palette_Actions ? Coupled with @DanThomas’s suggestion these could work.


I found a bit of spare time to experiment and came up with this macro which just hides the application palette when Safari or Lightroom is at the front and shows it otherwise.The macro needs to sit in the equivalent of the global macro group.

Obviously, it can be changed to work for other or more applications, not just Safari/Lightroom. Is this what you had in mind @John_Cooper:

Toggle Application Palette.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

KM 0 2021-03-20_18-47-18

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@tiffle, I don't know how I missed your reply two years ago, but it's perfect. I particularly appreciate the screenshot, as it helped me search for the needed actions by name. (It would have been hard to find them otherwise.) Thank you!

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Excellent :+1: