Hide or Password protected prevent quit apps parent control

Hello friends! I am new here.

I love KM and planning to use it as a parent for my kids and volunteers users account
to run some fun scripts and time out notifications.

But here is my question!! How to prevent KM from quit for other users?
Is any chance I can hide menu bar icon or set admin password if some one will try to close the application?

There is a lot of info how to restrict to open specific apps
but no idea how to lock running apps and restrict them from quit!

Please help!


Keyboard Maestro isn’t designed to impose its will on the user, so this is not really something Keyboard Maestro will do naturally.

You can turn off the Keyboard Maestro status menu icon in the General preferences.

But you cannot stop people from quitting Keyboard Maestro Engine otherwise. Probably just turning off the menu will largely thwart unsophisticated users since there wont be any other visual indication and the only way to quit it would be to use Keyboard Maestro (editor) or Activity Monitor or such.

If you’re really keen for it to stay running, you could set up a Launch Daemon or the like to ensure it is running and to relaunch it if it is quit, but that would seem extreme.

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I wasn’t sure if I able to hide KM menu bar icon, but that exactly what I need.

I think that is easy now to password protect KM editor to lunch or any other app
with AppLocker or any similar software.