Hot Key Not Recording Correctly

I'm trying to set up an ⌃⌥L hot key for a macro, but for some reason that I can't figure out, when I try to "record" this hot key, it's being read as the space bar.

I've used this exact hot key in the past without issue, so I'm really confused why it's suddenly causing this weirdness.

Any suggestions? I checked, and I'm pretty sure this hot key isn't being used anywhere else in Keyboard Maestro.

Hey Alex,

  • Have you restarted the Keyboard Maestro Editor?
  • Have you restarted the Keyboard Maestro Engine?
  • Have you rebooted?

Try ShortcutDetective, and see if you can detect what app has control of that hotkey.


Thanks, Chris. Yes, I have restarted and rebooted, but the issues persists.

To try to figure out what was going on, I attempted pressing ⌃⌥L with a text editor open. The first time I press it, " L1 " is automatically typed. The second time I press it, " L2 " is automatically typed. The third time I press it, " L3 " is automatically typed. The fourth time I press it, " L4 " is automatically typed. The fifth time I press it, the cycle described here begins anew, i.e. " L1 " is automatically typed, and so on. (This all perhaps explains why the keyboard shortcut is being read by Keyboard Maestro as a space, since all of the above begin with a space.)

I'm totally baffled as to what is going on here. I'll take your recommendation and try ShortcutDetective, to see if that reveals anything.

This is exactly why I have the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu visible and use the Iconoholic Loud icon set.

I can always watch the Status Menu and know if Keyboard Maestro ran a macro.

If KM did run I can switch to the editor and reveal the last macro that ran.

You can also select the all-macros macro-group and sort by date used.


I tried this, but nothing is showing up, so I'm pretty sure that whatever this keyboard shortcut is triggering is outside of Keyboard Maestro.

Also, I tried ShortcutDetective, but it seems like it was unable to detect which app controls the hotkey.

Too bad it couldn't find the culprit, but unfortunately this kind of mystery occurs from time to time.

If you ever figure it out please come back to this thread and post the answer.

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