Hotstrings - KM vs. system for different applications - how to manage?

in system setting > keyboard > text you can define text substitutions in OS X. Similar to the Hotstrings in KM.
Now, I would entirely avoid using the system settings feature in favor of KM, because the KM hotstrings work in places where the system settings “hotstrings” don’t.
BUT: I have an iPad and need a few hotstrings on that, too, and it synchronizes its system settings “hotstrings” with the Mac. Result: On the Mac I sometimes get double substitutions, one triggered by KM and the second triggered by system settings that have been synced from the iPad.

Whats the best option to deal with that situation?

  • Make KM hotstrings only trigger in applications where the system hotstrings don’t work?
  • Avoid syncing the hotstrings between iPad and Mac? (how?)
  • Or is there a setting in KM that allows automatic override of the system settings “hotstrings”? (if yes, where?)
  • other ideas?

Thank you!

Hey Daniel,

Pre-Yosemite (I think) you could turn off substitutions on your Mac, but they would be synced to your other devices.

You can’t do that anymore.

Probably the best way to manage your iPad substitutions is to give them a unique prefix or suffix that you don’t use in any of your Keyboard Maestro substitutions.

Start them all with “i” or “.” or something that appeals to you.


Hi Chris,

hmm, not the most elegant solution, but probably the easiest. Have set it up that way now. I’ll see how I get used to it.
Thank you! :slight_smile: