How am I using the Click/Get button incorrectly?

I'm making macros to click interface features in an app that don't have keyboard shortcuts.

I recorded the first button click, and it worked fine.
I duplicated the macro, renamed it and assigned a new trigger, then I pressed the Get button to change which button is clicked.

I positioned the mouse over the button, and waited for the KM countdown to finish. It changed the X & Y values in the duplicate macro. When I click the Go button, the mose hops over to the button correctly.

Problem: When I fire the macro in the app, it moves the mouse to a completely different spot.

What am I doing wrong here?

I solved this for now by just recording each button individually, but it would be much quicker to just make copies and change the mouse clicks.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

It sounds like you are using the Macro to click the mouse in a specific location. This is probably not the best approach.

Have you tried these actions:

If you do need to use a mouse click then it is best to position the mouse relative to a corner of the window, or the center of a found image. See Move or Click Mouse action.

Hi @anamorph, before you press the Get button, have you set the action to "absolute position"?


Thanks for the suggestion. In this case, these are custom buttons that the system doesn't see as a standard button. They have no keyboard shortcuts and no menu equivalents. I have to click them with a mouse, and I'm trying to make macros to click them with a keystroke.

The problem I'm currently having is when the click is set to relative to the corner of the window. The Go button shows it has the correct coordinates, but when I fire the macro, it clicks elsewhere.

I didn't try the found image because I've had inconsistent results with it in the past. I will try that next.

No, it's set to relative to upper left corner of window. When I record the mouse click, that's how it's set as well. I don't change the app window, I just hide KM and work with the other app. The app window is not removing or resizing, so the relative position should stick.

Please post/upload your script/macro and a screenshot annotated to show the UI elements you want to click.

I tried using Found Image again, and I caught myself in pilot error. Now that I understand how to get it to work, this seems like the best solution. Also, there's an inspector sidebar that moves the interface items, so searching for the images is a better solution.