How Can I Cancel a Prompt via Action?

I have a macro running and a Prompt displayed. I would like to cancel both the macro and the prompt when I click the I'm Done button.

If I click the ** Click to Cancel in the prompt I can get that to cancel all macros. But If I click the I'm done button I can only get it to cancel macro's.

I can not find a way to cancel the Prompt using some type of action?

Hey @RogerW, it would be very helpful to post your macro so we can take a look at how it is built instead of trying to guess. :wink:

Hi Roger, great to see people using KM for genealogy research! Maybe one day you will have the time and inclination to share your use of macros with others. I would be very pleased.


I would be glad to share what I have. I use KM extensively in searching and finding information. I am in the process of creating macro's that will format the documentation of the information I find.

I have been working for a long time to create a set of tools that make finding your ancestors quick and easier for beginners. I have a flow chart that I am following.

I don't know how many others here are interested in KM for genealogy so we could share other ways if you are interested.


GRW - Input Prompt v2.3.0.kmmacros (38.2 KB)

This is the macro. When I click on the I'm done button I want to close the prompt at the same time as cancel the macro.

Big goof… I am talking about closing the pallet not closing the prompt.

I want to close the pallet using the done button.


Assuming it is a Group Palette, add a Show|Hide Macro Group Action to your If Then Else Action, set to hide the palette:


Thanks that did the trick