How can I get KM to autoclose a nag screen?

How can I get KM to autoclose a nag screen? Can it automatically click on the [OK] button? how can I do this? Thanks for any help.

The correct solution probably depends upon what kind of nag screen. It could be a nag screen in a web browser, or in an application. Applications come in different types and there could be different types of solutions depending on the application.

For example I have an app called PaintX which just started nagging me when I start it up. So in my case if I wanted to auto-close the nag screen I would create a macro something like this:

The for the action I would probably create a loop that runs for a maximum of 10 seconds and presses a close button if it sees one. But there are other ways to do this, probably better than mine.

Of course, I don't know if this approach will work for you because I don't know what app you have or when/how the nag screen works.

You should try to provide more info.

If it’s always the same app, you could aim to click a button in that specific app.

If you get nags from a variety of apps, then it could be a case for a Find Image action. (If nothing other helps.)

I think using "find image" would work fine in this case.
If the nag screen pops up KM would react on the interface of the popup and could then close the screen again.

Alright. Just try to use my "when Launching the app" trick plus a timeout on the Find Image searching. That way it isn't running all the time. If you can't do that, then at least modify the macro so that it's running only when the app is running, that also limits it, so that it isn't running when you don't want it to run.