How Can I Give My Macro Permissions for /private/var?

Hello Everyone,

I've got a new website, and our current workflow involves downloading product images into a temporary folder inside /private/var/.

The problem is:

I realized my AppleScript that performs operations on the folders using Terminal don't have permission to open files inside this complex system of subfolders.

How could I go about changing permissions so the AppleScript/Terminal commands, being run through KM, can work without returning an error?

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 20.57.35

If you can, change your workflow. /private/var is for OS-managed files, caches or similar and, as in this case, temporary files (designated by the T folder).

If you do have to dig through these temp files for some reason, are these OS permission errors or Privacy & Security problems? Check the p7 folder permissions -- some of the directories at that level are user-owned, but some are system-owned and require elevated privileges, eg via sudo.

Good idea, that's probably the simplest approach. I'll look at changing it to something easier to manage.