How can I make photoshop wait until open then make a new page?

Hi guys, I'm new here I just have a quick question, please. How can I let the keyboard Meastro open photoshop and wait until completely open and then go file and make a new page? and another question please is it possible to make the keyboard Meastro with different language or just English because my computer is not English and the keyboard won't recognise it lol

Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

The steps I usually take are to activate the app then wait until the app is frontmost and check for a menu item to exist such as โ€œNew Fileโ€ or whatever Photoshop uses. Then have Keyboard Maestro trigger the File > New File menu item.

Not sure about the question about other languages.

Thank you for your replay and sorry I'm a very beginner I just download MK only a few days ago I think I did what you said but didn't work here you are the picture.

Try adding a second item to the "Pause Until Conditions are Met" block. Here is an example using Microsoft Word (because I do not have Photoshop)

Word Launch New Document Macro (v9.0.6)

You can download my macro and edit it to work with another app here:

Word Launch New Document.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

Or just replicate it on your own.

Thank you very much mate you are a legend :slight_smile: