How Can I Use If Then Else with Sub Menu items?

Hello, in DevonThink I want to hide the inspector window if it is visible, otherwise do nothing.

The problem is that there appears to be many Show menu items and sub items, that my if then else does not even seem to recognize sub menu items.

There must be something that I don't understand because I expected this action to allow me to define which sub menu items I am talking about.

I tried another version which does not work either

thanks very much

Hi @ronald, try this one:

Inspectors in:out <12FA 201119T171841>.kmmacros (20,5 KB)


Unfortunately what I want is not to toggle show/hide, it is to hide if the inspector is showing, and if it is not showing, do nothing
In the end, the inspector should never show.
thank you for your reply

The direct answer is that you need to use "with path":


But I have to ask: Why not just use the ETP shortcut to toggle show/hide of the Inspectors?


thank you. It works (obviously) with your suggestion

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by ETP shortcut

I made a typo -- should have been "DTP" for DevonThink Pro.

I could not find anything regex related in the DTP manual or forum, let alone a shortcut

I meant using the DTP built-in shortcuts:

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Hi @JMichaelTX

Regex works in DT3 smart rules with Scan Text or Scan Name, like this:

See here:

I do not want to toggle. I want to

  • Show if Hide is Marked
  • Do nothing if Show is marked.

This works (thanks to your help with the Path)

very interesting ! I will try it out !

I could not figure out what “scan name” means
thank you

OK yes, You are obviously right ! thank you