How Delete KeyboardMaestro HotKey trigger

I created a HotKey. Shift+Option+Cmd+e. for a Macro
However, I have found that Photoshop uses that set of keys for a function that is only available with those keys.

I created a new HotKey for this Macro, but the original HotKey is still active.
I then tried to Archive that Macro, but the original HotKey is still active.

How do I remove (delete) the HotKey sequence from KM so that Photoshop can use it, not KM?

Click on the red MINUS button:

I followed your suggestion to use the MINUS key. I rebooted my MAC Book. However, the same HotKey
Shift+Option+Command+E still activates the macro.

I need this HotKey sequence for Photoshop instead of KM.
Thanks for your help, but I still need to de-activate the KM HotKey. Ideas?

Have you looked in all enabled groups?

Removing is pretty straight forward like the screenshot above. But if that didn't work for you just delete the Macro itself/ Create it again from scratch.

Maybe the hotkey was used elsewhere?
You can disable the macro and test if the hotkey is still working.
Also, you can search the hotkey to find out all the macros that use the hotkey.

Thank you. I searched for the HotKey and located an early version which was stored in another Group. All is well now.

I learn best when things do not work the first time. Thank you for your suggestions.