How do forum members keep track of multiple macros they are currently working on?

Assuming of course that you are working on multiple macros in multiple groups at the same time.
Do you put a keyword in the title ? Is so how do you search ? Any other method ?
thank you

I don’t usually put a macro into a folder until it’s done. I guess I treat it like filing.

I have a “_Working” folder that I keep them in while I’m working on them. I might occasionally make a _temp folder if I need a particular folder setting.

Keyword in title or in a comment action isn’t a bad idea though.


thank you

I put an @ symbol at the front of the macro title. Then I created a Smart Group that matches search string n:@ and then all my incomplete macros are in that Smart Group folder.


VERY smart !! exactly the type of out of the box idea I was looking for. Thanks very much.

I just changed my method and created a smart group as per your suggestion, so thanks again.

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I generally don’t build multiple macros at a time. So I have a macro called Scratchpad that resides in my Test folder that has two dedicated hot keys, one to execute it, the other to open the Editor directly to it.

Once I have a working version of whatever I’m building I move it into its permanent folder. If I want to build something else while I am already working on one, I just group all of the first macros’ actions together, rename the group something to remember what it does, collapse and disable them and start building the new macro’s actions below them.

Perhaps not the most effective method but I like that no matter what I’m building it always has the same execution hotkey and jump to hotkey.



Thank you for your post.
I used to work that way, but changed my methods after reading @Steve_E 's brilliant post

I completely changed my way of working after reading your post. Until now, I had never used smart groups. May I ask what other uses you have for smart groups ?
thank you

I just have a few. Sample macros, AppleScript actions, Application macros.
For it to work, use characters that are not in the names of any of your macros, or the smart folder will fill with items not intended.
Nor can you use KM characters like percent sign or parenthesis's.


exactly what I was doing. thanks again very much

To give you more ideas for smart groups, here's a screenshot of mine... let me know if you want more info on any of them.

Smart groups screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 17.23.05


Wow. Very smart. I will definitely follow your lead.

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