How do I activate app AND restore its window?

I have this simple global macro to launch and activate BBEdit:

Because of my Clean Screen Policy I often minimise BBEdit via the yellow icon:
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 09.41.21
Via which action(s) can I make sure that BBEdit's editing window is restored in case I had minimised it?

There ist this third party action "Unminimize All Windows"

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Thanks @Frankb. The third-party action does exactly what I needed :).

I notice that in your original Action you do not have "Reopen initial windows" checked. All my similar global App activating Macros have that option checked which does restore the windows if they have been minimized.


Might just be worth a try as then you can use the native Keyboard Maestro Action.


Thank you @Zabobon! Looks like this checkbox is indeed relevant.

There seems to be no explanation of this checkbox in the Help page.

And I don't really understand the checkbox label ...

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Yes, I think I discovered it through trial and error when I too found that minimized windows were not being restored.


Thanks @Zabobon, I learned something too. But there is a difference between this option and the third party action "Unminimize All Windows", I think.

Say you have one window minimized in app A and one not. If you switch to app B and back to app A, the window stays minimized with the third party action, otherwise not. Right?

Yes, they seem to work differently.

Actually, it's the other way around.

It seems the third party Action Unminimize All Windows will unminimize all the App's windows. So if an App has five documents open, all will be unminimized. It doesn't restore to how the App was left (i.e. some minimized some not). But this is still useful behaviour and good to have this third party Action to hand.

The native Keyboard Maestro Activate Application Action, with "Reopen initial windows" checked, does work way you describe. It does restore to how the Application was left (i.e. some minimized, some not).

My goodness, typing "unminimize" over and over is fiddly :laughing: