How do I create a pop-up menu to fill out text fields?

I bought Keyboard Maestro because I saw this video, of a guy using it to get a pop-up menu to quickly select categories to his audio files.

Can someone help me with making this? I need a basically need a pop-up menu like his, where I can select categories and sub categories that I want to fill into text fields.

Thank you!

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The KM macros shown in that video probably worked something like this:

Category Selection

  1. Create a Macro Group that will have one Macro for each category
  2. The trigger for each macro is the Category name
  3. Set the Macro Group to Show a Palette for One Action
  4. When the Category Group is triggered, the Macro clicked on will Show Palette for one Macro Group action another Macro Group for that Category (as defined below)

Sub-Category Selection

  1. Create One Macro Group for each Category
  2. Each Macro in that Group:
    • Title is the Sub-Category name
    • It simply pastes the Sub-Category Name when selected/triggered

For more info see: Palettes

While that is one way of achieveing selection of category/sub-category, It is not the method I would choose because it is too labor-intensive to build and maintain, and I really pollutes your Macro Groups / Macros list.

Instead, I would build a simple list, something like this:

@Cat1  | SubCat1
@Cat1  | SubCat2
@Cat2  | SubCat3
@Cat2  | SubCat4

and then use a Prompt With List action

So, it might look like this:


MACRO:   Select Category / SubCategory [Example]

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/e/1e1a9640331c1ad6280b916b57cbdfb13e13fef2.kmmacros">Select Category - SubCategory [Example].kmmacros</a> (2.4 KB)
**Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.**





Thanks a lot, that's really helpful!

It is important to me to have the category and sub category visible like in the example video, so I can get an overview of all the items.
Is that possible with your example as well? :slight_smile:

Thanks again

I work with Marco Groups as well as in your posted video @minimyg. Check out this tutorial. It will certainly help you.


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@appleianer, many thanks for adding the narration in English to your video. I could not have understood what you were doing without it.

Another (complex) way is an HTML prompt.

And here I am back, years later – but unfortunately your video is gone. Could you possibly resend it? :slight_smile:
Would love to get this up and running now.

Thank you!

Hi @minimyg, does this video tutorial help you?

Oh that definitely helps. But I think I'm a bit more lost, since this is the very first thing I will do with Keyboard Maestro. Basically I just want to make a drop down menu (like it your video), and use that to input text at the current cursor position. Like in the image here:

Is that something Keyboard Maestro can do? :slight_smile: