How do I display an image in the clipboard without it being scaled, or how do I make it full screen?

When I use the Display System Clipboard action, when the clipboard contains an image, the resulting display is (a) sometimes scaled down to a small size for no apparent reason; (b) sometimes in a random(?) location on the screen; (c) not displayed with a button to let me make its window go full screen.

Is there any way to fix any of these issues? I want the image I'm displaying to be guaranteed to be not scaled down (my images are small enough to always fit on a screen.) As a human user, the only way to fix this manually is (a) drag the window to the upper left corner of the screen, then (b) grab the bottom right corner of the window and drag it down until I can see that the image clearly fits inside the box without scaling. That's a lot of work for no reason. And since the window is unnamed, I don't think I can easily use KM to resize it.

Perhaps I should display my images using the Preview app instead of the Display Clipboard app. The Preview app has controls for "Actual Size", moving the window, etc. That may solve my problem.

I apologize for answering my own problem.

Is there a specific KM action for sending a clipboard image to the Preview app? Or must I open the app and send the image via CMD-C or some menu equivalent? In my opinion perhaps there should be an action called "Open (clipboard) in Preview" which will be in the "Open" KM action category.

Oh wow. I would never have guessed that would work. Thanks.