How Do I Get an Item Count From a Bin in Avid Media Composer?

I would like to get the number of items (clips) in an Avid Media Composer bin and put it into a variable. Any ideas on how I can do that? Here is an example of a bin with some clips.

It really depends on what version of media composer you are using. I’m on vacation this week so I can’t test it, but basically there is two paths you could follow:
On recent versions (latest ?) you have an option to show the number of item at the bottom of the bin so you could do:

  • Find image to define an area near th bottom of the bin.
  • OCR that area to get the number of items as a text.
    -filter this text with a regex to save it to a variable.

On older version you could rely on a get bin info that will “print” the item number in the console. I know there is a console command to dump the console to a file. Then you will have to open the file with keyboard maestro filter it and put it in a variable.

The second method has the advantage of being resolution/interface independent.

If you can’t figure this out…(it’s a bit complicated !) I’ll have a look next week.

Thank you.

It certainly is a bit complicated given my knowledge of this stuff.

What I ended up doing for now is using a User Prompt that tells the user to click on a clip icon, then the macro selects all, does a Get Info which will bring up a window that asks if you really want Info on x clips.

Not elegant but it works and it’s something I was able to do.

I’m on MC 2020.12, I don’t know about that option of displaying bin items, where is that?

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Release notes MC 2021.3
Bin status bar