How do I Run a Macro with the trigger 'Periodically while logged in' on one CPU only?

I would like to run a macro every 30 seconds on one CPU only. I am using the trigger as 'Periodically while logged in' but that runs the macro on all CPUs

Even if I put an 'If condition' within the macro, based on the %MacUUID% to run on only the specific CPU and cancel on any other CPU, the macro still runs every 30 seconds on every other CPU with KM installed, to get to the 'cancel' step.

If I use the trigger as say a 'remote web trigger' I could use a 'repeat' action within the macro, but I don't want the macro 'continually' running. So the internal 'repeat' approach is not working for me either.

Any thoughts?

Your best option, if you don't want the Macro to even start to run on the other Macs is to put it in a new Group and set that Group's settings on the Macs you do not want it to run on. This setting is unique to each Mac (even when Macros are synced) so, the Macro will only run on the Macs which do not have this checked.


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ah, nice! thank you @Zabobon

Alternatively, you can also use the %MacUUID% token at the beginning of the macro to ensure the executing computer is the one you want. For instance, the following action ensures the executing computer is my MBP, and cancels if not.

Action Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Hey, thanx @cdthomer , the problem with that approach is that all CPUs will still have to run the macro until they get to the ‘if’ action, which I don’t want.

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Well... I now see that you even mentioned that in your initial post... :sweat_smile: My apologies... I should probably quit for today. :laughing:

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