How Do I set a Default Value for the Search Text of the KMFAM Select Macro?

I want to accelerate my workflow by automatically adding some predefined actions that I created using @DanThomas's [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros.

I can bring up the Favorite Actions window. But after that, I want to pause and type a few keys to select the action I want to insert in the current macro I'm editing. In the screenshot below, I'd like to type D to bring up the Debug Action and then hit Return to insert it.
But KM wouldn't type these keys. It seems that after the Favorite Actions is brought up, all the rest of the actions will be ignored. Is there a way to accomplish this? Or are there any other ways to accomplish what I want to do?


Actually what is happening is that your Macro that triggers the KMFAM Select Macro is stopped at that action until the KMFAM is completed.

So here's a workaround:

  1. Create a separate macro that accepts a parameter, pauses, and then types the parameter:


  1. In your main macro, call Macro #1 first, but asynchronously with a Parameter of the default value you want for KMFAM


In my test I used "GRP" as the default value.

BTW, you should call the KMFAM Macro using an Execute a Macro action rather than an AppleScript.

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Works great! Thank you so much, @JMichaelTX. I did not realize the KMFAM action was not completed, so the rest of the actions would not be activated.

(I used AppleScript because I was using BetterTouchTool to create a touch bar button to execute the KM macro. I just brought this trigger over to KM without thinking.)

Thank you so much for pointing out the asynchronously and parameter functions. I've never used them before. Now I can see how useful they are in a real life.

Just downloaded BetterTouchTool yesterday. It makes integration of Keyboard Maestro and Touch Bar possible and perfect.