How Do I Trigger Macro To Open any flash drive that is plugged in?

When a flash drive is plugged in I want KM to open the flash drive window.

I don’t know how to make it automatically open a window so I can see what is in the flash drive.

Try this:

Just change the name of svami_flashdrive1, in the two locations, to the name of the flash drive you would like to open when you insert it.

Have fun!


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Hello KC, I did not make myself clear.
I want to open any flash drive that is plugged in.

In the trigger section I chose any volume, but it always open the iCloud window, and not the flash drive window.

Ok. Do this. It will work if you plug in an flash drive or an external hard drive.



Hi KC, It worked. But it first opens the 'iCloud' window, and then the flash drive window.

Hmm. I don’t know without looking at your system. When you, regularly, open a Finder window, does the iCloud folder open?

Yes, when I open a finder window, the iCloud window opens. That is the way I've set it up in the Finder Pref.

However, for my purpose I do need a folder window open, when the flash drive is plugged in. So, every thing works fine now. Thank you Kenneth for your patients and help.

Best wishes, Svami

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You’re welcome @svami.

I’m just curious if you have another macro that spawns the iCloud window when you activate the Finder. Can you check your KM engine log to see if KM is running another macro along with this one? Like I said ... just curious.


Hi, I don’t know how to check the KM engine log.

When in Keyboard Maestro go to Help -> Open logs folder then double click the Engine.log. This should open the Console. Look for the name of whatever you named the above macro and see what happens right before and right after this macro's name.

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Just before there is a macro called Mount Volume Trigger. That macro was my tries to do what you kindly helped me with.

I deactivated that macro, and the iCloud window does not show up any more.

Thanks again.

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Great! Thank goodness for log files.

Take care


Works great! Thank you.