How Do I Type Text to An App in the Backround?

I want Keyboard Maestro to run an auto typer (that types a specific letter/keystroke) that types on a specific application in the background so I can do other stuff while it runs. for example, i might want it to spam w on a Notes, while I watch youtube or something.Is this possible? if so, how?

You can try this:

Depending on the receiving (background) app, it may not be 100% reliable.
You're just need to test to find out.


I'm still not 100% clear what you're trying to do. You want to type a specific letter/keystroke to a specific app? On some kind of schedule? Or on demand?

One thing I thought of was that you could have Keyboard Maestro prompt you for input and then append it to a text file, unless the text has to go to a specific application for some reason.

specific app, and yes, i want the keystroke to go to a specific application no matter what

O that worked! Thanks!