How Do I Use a Variable with %MacroNameForUUID% Token?

I feel stupid for having to ask this, but I can't remember, and I'm apparently search-impaired.

I have a Macro UUID in a variable called Local_MacroUUID. I want to get the name of the macro using %MacroNameForUUID%.

I've tried various things, like these:


I also tried using Filter, but I couldn't get that to work either.

I thought I saw a nice write-up on the subject by Jim a while ago, and I thought it was on the Wiki, but I can't find it.

So I'm admitting defeat, and asking for help.

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I think this is the corresponding wiki page; it definitely seems like Jim's work: token:MacroNameForUUID [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

According to that, it looks like you have to use the syntax %%MacroNameForUUID%%%Variable%myUUID%%% and a Process Tokens filter.


How the heck did I miss that? Anyway, thanks for being my AI RI. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Tokens [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

β€œTo include a percent (%) in your text, simply double the percent (%%). To include a backslash () in your text, double the backslash (\).”

(Down at the bottom of the page.)

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