How do I use variables?

Sorry for what's probably a dumb question, but I searched the wiki and it seems to me that one of these formats should work, but they don't.

Things I tried:

%Local pauseButton.Midx%
%Calculate%Local pauseButton.Midx%

...and different capitalisations.

Every time the text remains red.


When any KM Action has a numeric field, you do NOT use the % token delimiter or the Calculate token. Just enter the KM variable directly, as in:


For more info, see Variables in Calculation Fields.


Thanks! I'm a little embarrassed that I couldn't figure that out. :blush:

Also read the Text Fields wiki article.

Nothing to be embarrassed about - this is one fo the things that needs to be learnt to expand your use of Keyboard Maestro. The concept of text/token fields and numeric/calculation fields and how they relate to each other.

I have a much clearer picture of it now, thanks! This wiki is a great resource! I didn't see a link to download the manual as a PDF – do you mind if I site-rip it onto my mac later on?

There is a PDF of the User Manual already.

There is no PDF of the entire site.

Also, there are links from within Keyboard Maestro all over the place (eg, in the Gear menu in every action, and by holding down the option key in the various Insert actions in the Edit menu).

They don't get you to overview topics like the Text Fields one, but they can get you quickly to the reference for specific things.


Thanks! That'll do. :+1:

Peter has given you the link to the PDF, but I'd like to add this.
Unless you need to go for an extended time without Internet access, using the KM Wiki would be much better, IMO.

  1. the Wiki is often updated, and I'm not sure how often the PDF get's generated.
  2. the Wiki is very interactive, with lots of links and cross-references.
  3. the Wiki search is very good, much better than most PDF search engines.
  4. So much great help is dynamically available to you as you use the KM app.
    • Any where you might select an Action, Token, or Function to insert, just hold down the OPT key while the menu is being displayed, and it changes into links to help for that item.

Of course, if you just prefer to use PDFs, that is certainly your choice, and I understand it.

Wherever you get your help, if your questions are still unanswered, you can always ask here in the KM Forum.

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Of course you're right. I looked at the PDF. It's not as good as the wiki, but it's one of the better PDF software manuals that I've seen :ok_hand:. It seems pretty well interlinked. I just want it for those times that I have no or very slow internet/wifi connection, or to avoid public wifi. I consider KM a core part of my system :muscle:, so I don't ever want to be without documentation in case I forget something. (And usually I don't fail at finding the information as I did here with the calculation fields.:blush:)

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